Pripyat middle school number 3 was one of five elementary schools in the city of Pripyat. This school has maybe the world’s most photographed collection of gas masks. See what I found inside the school from the Cold war high season.

pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-3Pripyat middle school number 3 is nowadays the best preserved. The other ones have begun or are already collapsed. I think this remains for a few more years. Lucky is that since this school has a great feeling of how a Soviet school looked like during the Cold war.


The collapsed middle school number 1.

Abandoned schools are always creepy and interesting. Maybe because they use to be such a lively place, and now, are totally empty.pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-4

On the first floor, near the canteen, a see of gas masks appear. Gas masks for children were a normal equipment in Soviet schools during the Cold war, and the students also trained to be prepared for massive NATO attacks.pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-5

I’m not sure why’s that big amount av gas masks in middle school number 3. The first theory is one gas mask for each student, which makes the gas masks collected together look like so many. The other one is that masks for all the schools were stored centrally in this school and therefore the huge amount.


How to handle nuclear radiation.

And why are they spread all over the floor? Looters have brought them there, to collect the little piece of silver that can be found in the filter container.pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-7

Beyond gas masks, also a large number of books covers the floors, especially the upper floors where also the classrooms are more intact. The only things that are missing are objects of metal that have been scraped by looters so you won’t see any radiators.pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-78jpg

This school is located on Sportivnaya Street, which is really close to the swimming hall which you probably will see if you join a guided tour.


On the roof.