The Chernobyl area growing as a tourist attraction, and one not weird question I get, is about the availability of toilets in the Chernobyl area. Let me tell about my conclusion after several days in the exclusion zone.

Thousands of tourists visit every year the exclusion zone in the Chernobyl area. But how do they manage their natural needs in this abandoned place? Not many bathrooms in the cities working anymore…

Once you reach the first checkpoint to the exclusion zone, it’s also your last chance to visit a regular bathroom. Depending on arriving time to the checkpoint, the bathrooms there could be a little crowded. They are also not in the best shape, but at least they work.


The toilet at the first checkpoint to the exclusion zone.

Almost everyone that enters the zone is a part of a group tour with a guide. Bushes and forest have grown over much of the buildings and if you need to pee, just walk a few steps behind the rest of the group and pick a good spot.


Improvised toilet near the Duga radar.

If you need to do the more advanced thing. You probably have to wait for lunchtime, when you arrive at a canteen where almost all groups enjoy some food. The canteen is newly renovated and the bathroom is good.

When staying in Chernobyl area overnight, the accommodation, of course, offers both toilets and showers.My experience is from “Hotel Chernobyl” where the bathroom was shared with other guests. Toilet paper should not be flushed down.