Visingsö in the Lake Vättern is not just a summer paradise. It is also a historic place, beautiful scenery, and a relaxing pace.


View towards the harbor.

The island of Visingsö is only 14 km long, which provides short trips between the activities of impatient children. Add a width of only 3 km then you understand. Bike, car or walk you choose! Or maybe the famous and classic means of horse and trolley?

Ferry to Visingsö


The ferry arrives to Visingsö.

Visingsö is easy to get to. From the small town of Gränna, there are regular ferries for both people and cars. The ferry line is called Visingsöleden and a crossing takes about 30 minutes. To bring a bike is free and the cost per person is 5 euros. If you put the family in the car, a trip ticket costs 30 euros.


Harbor of Gränna.

In the summer it is best to book a car ticket through the harbor office in Gränna. Payment is in the queue for the ferry and debit cards, it is applicable. If you want to pay with cash, you can go to the harbor office.


Wating for the ferry.

Arriving at Visingsö


Activities for children.

The ferry arrives at Visingsö harbor. It has the largest collection of restaurants on the island. There is also a playground for children called “Ludde-landet”. Of course, a tourist agency is located adjacent to the ferry’s waiting room.


Coffe with Swedish cheesecake.

In the harbor, you can hire bicycles or electric vehicles for those who are more comfortable. There are also shops where you can buy fresh fish from the lake.

Other attractions in Visingsö

From the port, it is only possible to choose whether to travel north or south.


The wild southern end of Visingsö.

Northern Visingsö has large plains, which made that part of the island a popular place for birdwatchers. There is also a bird tower for those who want to have an extra good view.

In Kumlaby is a church dating back to the 1400s. In this church, you actually get permission to go up into the church tower, which gives a great view when there is nice weather.visingso-island-sweden-10

Oakwoods of Visingsö is the largest continuous oak forest in Sweden. The oaks were planted to provide timber for the fleet, but once they had grown up demand declined. 300,000 oaks were planted on state initiative.

Other attractions you should not miss are Wisingsborg Gardens, Näsborg, The nostalgic gas station BP and the Royal Barns.

A lot of historyvisingso-island-sweden-11

Visingsö was a long time in history an important place, primarily for its strategic location. There are many ancient monuments on the island. There is everything from ancient castles to tombs and stone circles.visingso-island-sweden-1

Just by the harbor is Visingsborg castle ruin. Visingsborg is considered to be one of the most beautiful Swedish castles in the 16th century. The castle burned down in 1718, in a fire that was rumored to be started by the nearly 2000 Russian prisoners of war who were on the island.visingso-island-sweden-12

How long should you stay at Visingsö?visingso-island-sweden-13

It depends on. For those who take the car over you will see most of the island in one day. By bike, it may be advisable to stay in a hostel. 2 days is a suitable time to experience Visingsö by bike.