Chernobyl is not known for extensive leisure activities, but tourists and local workers like to feed large fishes from an old railway bridge at the nuclear power plant.

In the chambers around the nuclear reactors, moth and carp fish live without any natural enemy. People prefer not to fish them because they do not know if any fish has received radioactive material in their hunt for food.

Over time, these fish have become a tourist attraction. There are large amounts of bread thrown to the fishes, which have time to grow really. They can be up to 50 years old.

The fishes are not mutated due to some radioactive radiation that some sensational media can claim, but they live a rather comfortable and harmless

The fishes eat everything that fits in their mouth – alive or dead. In addition to the tourists’ diligent breeding, there are plenty of other foods as well.

In order to kill the myth further applicable monster fish, there is no connection between mutation and abnormal growth. It has not been shown in humans or animals exposed to strong radioactive radiation.

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