Lithuania’s largest market is located in the capital Vilnius, and here is everything you can imagine when it comes to shopping in Vilnius.

If you have shopping as interest you can easily stay an entire day here. Here are a good mix of old and new, high-quality products and junk crap.

The market is operated by 10,000 vendors (yes, salespersons. not visitors), and the market is like a maze, among the various market stalls.


Product review. Socks for 30 Euro cents still not broken.

A major part of the sellers are only Russian speaking, but with a calculator, it is easy to show what price you are convenient to pay.

On the market called Gariūnai, much of what is sold is manufactured in Russia or China. Some are cheap copies of brands and partially hidden.

The absolutely largest range consists of clothes, but also everything else is possible to find – both new and used.

Parking is easy to get and is located next to the A1 motorway. It costs around 0,5 Euro, but it’s guarded.

If you visit Vilnius with a desire to shop, then a visit to the Gariūnai market is recommended.