After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Soviet got access to a large quantity of abandoned military buildings and areas. At first, they tried to blow up as much as possible, but the Soviet Union saw the potential of the giant site of Jüterbog. In Jüterbog, near Berlin, they planned to locate the largest military forces that existed outside the Soviet borders.

Juterbog-army-base-germany-2Jüterbog is located just south of Berlin, and in this area, the Red Army advanced quickly during World War 2. The Germans had previously done a great job to destroy as much as possible of the buildings, but the former Wehrmacht headquarters was largely intact. In addition, it contained plenty of military communications equipment.


Nature is fighting back.

The equipment was shipped quickly to the Soviet Union and then they try to destroy the site. It was just too massive, and instead, the Red Army began to house their troops in the old German buildings.

In Jüterbog they placed a training company, which continued to grow as a military site. In the end, there was 120,000 Soviet military personnel on site, making Jüterbog to the area that had the biggest Soviet strength, beyond the Soviet borders.Juterbog-army-base-germany-4

The city of Jüterborg had a civilian population of 15,000, which hardly got to know something about what was going on inside the walls.

In 1994, Soviet left Jüterbog and the entire state of Brandenburg under rapid circumstances. Remaining in Jüterbog were over 1,000 military buildings, 100,000 tons of ammunition and seriously poisoned environment.

Efforts to clean up the area of 20,000 hectares is still ongoing and will do for many years. What eventually will happen to Jüterbog is unclear.

Jüterbog has a decreasing population, and to implement such an extensive demolition and restoration of the land is considered to be impossible.Juterbog-army-base-germany-5