The Eagle’s Nest is located 1834 meters above sea level. This was the NSDAP’s 50th birthday gift for Adolf Hitler. See a fascinating construction and stunning countryside which today attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.


View of the Bavarian Alps

The Eagle’s Nest or Kehlsteinhaus?

What’s known today as the Eagle’s Nest is located in the Bavarian Alps, but has officially a different name. Rather, it is a code word used by the Americans during the war, to name one of Hitler’s private dwellings.


Kehlsteinhaus entrance.

The correct name is Kehlsteinhaus, after a part of the mountaintop Hoher Göll, as the house is built on. The Eagle’s Nest sounds, of course, more exciting, just as they called Hitler’s headquarters in northern Poland for the Wolf’s Lair.


Relaxing views in the Alps.

History of the Eagle’s Nest

The building was inaugurated on Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday on April 20, 1939. The construction had taken 13 months and 12 workers had died in the meantime. Working with the building was dangerous since it required a lot of blasting operations, working at height and risk of landslides to make the top of Hoher Göll reachable in a comfortable way.Kehlsteinhaus-eagles-nest-adolf-hitler-germany-5

The cost of building the Kehlsteinhaus at current prices is estimated at around 150 million euros. In addition to the house, also a 6,5 kilometers long road was required to be built which goes partly through tunnels.Kehlsteinhaus-eagles-nest-adolf-hitler-germany-6

According to historical data used Hitler rarely the house. It is said that he visited the scene about 10 times until his death. Visits were rarely longer than 30 minutes. However, Kehlsteinhaus was used much more as a house for representations.

Kehlsteinhaus today

If you want to visit Kehlsteinhaus today, and there are many who want, first buy a ticket in Obersalzberg. Most people choose to travel by bus to the top, but hiking is also possible. Approximately 1.5-2 hours would it takes


Tunnel to the elevator.

Where the bus drops passengers off, it is an opening in the mountains. After a walk through a tunnel, it is time to get into the lift which transports visitors the last 124 meters up to the top.


Main building.

Once in the Kehlsteinhaus are the views and scenery enchanting, despite the crowds of other tourists. For those who are hungry, there is now a restaurant here, but also a beer garden and a kiosk. In clear weather, you can see several well-known places. It’s possible to see up to 200 km.

In the restaurant is a floor which is only accessible in company with a guide. There are still visible graffiti on the walls from allied soldiers who occupied the building.


Documentation Center Obersalzberg. From here the buses are leaving.

Opening hours and admission fee

Kehlsteinhaus is open 9 May to 25 October. An adult ticket costs 16.10 EUR incl. bus round trip. The first bus towards the top runs at 8:30 AM and the last bus from the top at 4:00 PM.

For those who arrive by car should use GPS and enter the Salzbergstraße 45, 83471 Berchtesgaden, to get right from the beginning. Good shoes are recommended because the ground is mildly rocky.

Link: Official webpage