The village of Kopachi was a thriving place 30 years ago. The only trace left of this time is the kindergarten – Which was quickly abandoned when the radioactive clouds came on April 26, 1986. Let’s make our own visit to one of the Chernobyl area’s most photographed spot.

kindergarten-chernobyl-2We are in a highly radioactively polluted field. Both the ground and the groundwater contain plutonium, strontium-90, and cesium-137.


The playground.

The Geiger-Müller meter immediately takes a real shot when leaving the paved road.kindergarten-chernobyl-12

Once there were a lot of houses here. After the disaster, a bulldozer buried everything that belonged to the village beside the kindergarten, a brick building and a monument to World War II.kindergarten-chernobyl-3

The kindergarten is today one of the Chernobyl zones more documented places, thanks to its scary surroundings.kindergarten-chernobyl-11

When the decision came to demolish the village, a bulldozer dug a ditch in front of each house.kindergarten-chernobyl-6

Then they shoveled the house into the ditch and covered the soil to prevent the radioactive particles from spreading further with the wind.kindergarten-chernobyl-4

The problem was that radioactivity penetrated further into the ground, which also made the water contaminated.kindergarten-chernobyl-5

With this lesson, the kindergarten was never torn, cause it was better from an environmental point of view to leave it.kindergarten-chernobyl-8

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