In Prague, you can shop cheaply in both stores and on particular markets. Prague’s main market is just north of the city center and has everything you can imagine. Holesovicka Trznice is the largest market in central Prague.

The market Holesovicka Trznice – also sometimes called “Yellow market” its easiest to reach with the metro C-line or by car. It is possible to park inside the market area for a low price. Payment is made at the entrance.

The largest market in Prague is situated in an old slaughterhouse area, not far from the river Vitava. Every day except Sundays market is open between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM.

Previously Yellow market was a well-known place for more obfuscation operations. If you visited the market around 2005-2006, the sales tables were full of various street fighting weapons and the walls behind covered in various copies of brand clothes. Worse things were sold under the counter.prague-Holesovicka-Trznice-1

In 2007, the Czech Republic got a demand from the EU to fight the trade of illegal goods on the markets. Nowadays, most Czech markets are quite cleaned places.

It can still be a hot-tempered mood at the markets. The vendors, who often sell the same things, trying to shout higher than each other to grab customers’ attention. If you are interested in buy something, the seller has a calculator that you type in what you are willing to pay. Then it goes on, the seller will shake his head and look worried, and then he enters a price probably 150% more than you wrote.


All Sizes.

This theater may continue for a while. Does it feels awkward or nasty, you just have to go from there. Maybe the dealer shouts a really good price for you…

Since it is the largest market in central Prague you will here find everything you can imagine. The largest selections are clothing, bags, shoes, electronics and some fresh vegetables.