The most secret restaurant in Lviv is also one of the best. Read where it is, what to say to get in and what’s inside. And how is the secret food?


Song and music inside.

Kryivka is a “secret” but a well-known restaurant in the city center of Lviv. Kryivka’s concept is to give the visitors the feeling of a war bunker with great home-made Ukrainian food.

Get to Kryivka


Rynok Square.

Kryivka is located at Rynok Sq., 14 (пл. Ринок, 14) at the big and beautiful Rynok Square with its city council.


The door.

When you enter the gate number 14, you will see a big wooden door with a small window. There is no sign or anything except some posters about the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine.



Get into Kryivka

Now’s the tricky part for most of the foreign tourists. You will have to knock the door and wait for the small window to open. When the man in military clothes opens it, just say “Slava Ukraine”. Its mean “Glory to Ukraine”, and he will open the door. Don’t take the phrase to serious, it just a part of the show and tourists (even Russians) will be let in.



On the other side of the door is a bookshelf. The man in military clothes with a fake MP40 will salute you and grab a bottle. When you’ve got the welcome-drink, he will push the bookshelf and a stairway to the basement shows up. You’re in!


In the restaurant area.

Inside Kryivka

Inside Kryivka the atmosphere is great. It’s also crowded and load and the smell of food are everywhere. A waitress will show you a table.


If you’re thirsty.

The menu will consist of many traditional Ukrainian dishes and the beer costs around 1,5 Euros for 50 cl. A meal cost from 5 Euros.


My meal.

The food is really great and when you eat, entertainers sing classic Ukrainian folk songs which the visitors also take part in.


The inner-yard.

I like the feeling of being in a shelter or a bunker. Lot’s of details from war can be seen and in the inner-yard, interesting weapon- and vehicle parts are mounted. There is also a lookout tower and a small shop.Kryivka-secret-restaurant-lviv-ukraine-11

If you love good food, nice atmosphere and don’t get offended by war and history referrals, give Kryivka a try! And be ready when the waitress salutes visitors with a gunshot 🙂Kryivka-secret-restaurant-lviv-ukraine-12

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