The old fishing village Kåseberga is now southern Sweden’s jewel in the summer. In addition to the idyllic village, it also has the impressive thousands of years old stone ship – Ale’s Stones.


Look at the fantastic light!

Kåseberga has played a role as an important fishing village already since the Middle Ages. In Kåseberga except for the harbor, there are also cozy cafes and restaurants, a sea rescue museum and of course the most famous sight – Ale’s Stones.ale-stones-3

Ale stones are situated in the part of Kåseberga called Kåsehuvud. Here is a fabulous view of the sea and the hills. On the edge stands the 59 boulders that form a 67 meters long and 19 meters wide ship.


The harbor.

The first image ever of Ale stones was taken in 1914. In the 80s more extensive archaeological investigations carried out.

It is believed that the boulders were erected sometime between 500-1000 AD.

In warm summer days, Kåseberga could be very crowded with tourists.

Find the way to Ale stones

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