The road over the mountain Flatruet is Sweden’s highest road (above the sea level). The Flatruet road was opened by the King in 1938 and is a true nature experience. This is what you can see along the way.


Memorial stone from the royal opening ceremony.

Should you cross the Flatruet, choose a day with a stable weather. The road can be closed quickly and weather changes are not uncommon.

The road

The road is dirt road all the way, but relatively hard packed gravel makes the road good even on wet days. Although tourism is high during the summer, there is no congestion.


Night at Flatruet.

Where the road is highest, it is 975 meters above sea level. It is far above the tree line, but the Flatruet is still classified as a low mountain. “Low mountain” means mountains not exceeding 1200 meters.

Closed at night

The road is closed at night, so if you choose to stay overnight at the roadside, except for wildlife, you are relatively undisturbed. The road is closed with bars, so make sure to check the current opening hours if you don’t want to be locked in.


No shortage of snow in July.

Flatruet is located in Härjedalen and the road serves as a connection between Funäsdalen and Ljungdalen.

A stop can be done at the village “Mittådalen” where there are plenty of crafts to buy.

4000 years old rock paintings

On the southern part of Flatruet lies the Ruändan. Here is one of Sweden’s largest areas with ancient remains in the form of rock paintings. They consist of about 20 images believed to be over 4000 years old.flatruet-mountain-road-sweden-5

The mountain road is a good destination that is easily accessible to the majority of Sweden’s population. This is due to its southern location in Sweden, unlike much of the other mountain environment.


Fresh water you can drink directly.

The driving distance over the mountain is about 40 kilometers, which makes it to an easy journey to start your mountain stay with.