The Sätra Mine is located just outside Finspång, a site where mining has long been the most important industry. In the place we are visiting, about 100 people worked by 1917-1918. There is hardly anything left of a previously so lively place.

abandoned-satra-mine-2In Sweden, there are many places like this around the forests. Often the soil is heavily contaminated.

At the Sätra mine, they started working in the 1300s. Here there was iron ore that was needed in Finspång. In 1832 the asset was found to be too bad and therefore the mine was discontinued.abandoned-satra-mine-3

In 1917 the work was restarted. Sophisticated techniques for breaking made what was previously considered unprofitable to break, no longer was. One had also found silicon ore, which meant that a new company was started: Aktiebolaget Kis. As a result of the mash, the freight traffic on the railroad had begun to get started, so it was easy to transport the ore through a stitching track.

Now there was a lot of activity in the mine. The company’s own calculations showed several million tonnes and it was thought to reach a break of 12,000-15,000 tonnes per year.abandoned-satra-mine-4

Of the ore they broke, sulfuric acid and sulfite were prepared. The largest customer of these raw materials was Skärblacka paper mill, some ten kilometers south.

Upon enrichment of the ore, the by-products nickel and gulockra were formed  Of these, they could make a competitor for house paint “Falu red color”. It was named “Doverstorp’s red color” and was a bit darker in the shade.abandoned-satra-mine-5

The future of the mine was great and together with the city engineer in Norrköping, a plan was developed for a whole new mining community. The plan was to build 18 workers’ housing, 2 civil servants, postal and telegraph houses, restaurants, libraries and a sports hall.

Worker’s Housing construction began in the fall of 1917. As previously the company had not mentioned was that the ore was not clean enough. It contained subjects that were difficult to distinguish. The stock company Kis economy is poor after only one year’s operations.abandoned-satra-mine-6

They are able to keep operating until 1 October 1918 and then go bankrupt. The 100 employees are canceled immediately.abandoned-satra-mine-7

The result of the budding optimism was that they broke 80,000 tons of mountain. From this, they managed to get 10,000 tonnes of enriched ore.

Following was a highly contaminated area, which today is a ticking environmental bomb.abandoned-satra-mine-8

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