In Broby in southern Sweden, there was a sanatorium. Here the tuberculosis patients had an opportunity for treatment, and perhaps recovery. Broby sanatorium was opened in 1912 and received at the same day 100 tuberculosis patients.

The facility was modern with a large garden, medical expeditions, laboratory, pool area, bakery and other services.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-2

Treatment of tuberculosis back in the days

For those who had tuberculosis during the first half of the 1900s, there was no medicine to cure. Instead advocated healthy living, rest, fresh air and nutritious food. This treatment was developed by the German doctors Hermann Brehmer and Peter Dettweiler.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-3

The aim of treatment was to increase the body’s natural resistance to the disease. For some, it helped, and a stay at a sanatorium was considered to be the best available treatment.


Chief Physician room.

Broby sanatorium expands

Broby continued to grow and in 1931 an investment for x-ray equipment was made. X-ray made it much easier to identify various tuberculosis diagnoses. Additional buildings were added in the form of “cattle sheds”, which were places where 70-80 patients would sleep outdoors under special schedules.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-5

In 1933 opened a new pavilion for children aged 6 months to 15 years. In association with this, a new classroom was added in a new three-story house. And three years later they built a pavilion. Now it was possible to house a total of 181 patients.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-6

The sanatorium business proceded, but in the mid 50’s there was a reduced need for care for tuberculosis sufferers. The first effective drugs, streptomycin and para-aminosalicylic acid were launched. Also, vaccinations programs had started.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-7

In 1955 Broby reduced the number of beds for tuberculosis patients and used them instead to other long-term illnesses, often in old age. The need for hospital beds for long-term illnesses persisted, and as a result, Broby changed its name to Broby hospital. It also got a medical center.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-8

In 1995 Broby had done its job and health care operations were discontinued. Now a gigantic ghostly area remained. The decay of the almost one hundred years old buildings went fast. Remaining in the area was the so-called Chernobyl group, which is a camp of activities for children affected by the Chernobyl accident.


Staff entrance

Broby hospital today

With over 10 years in the abandoned state, Broby hospital was recently bought by a private company.abandoned-sanatorium-broby-10

A year later, over 300 windows, 400 radiators, and almost all the other interior had been replaced. The beautiful old building has resurrected again – something few people thought was possible.

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