T-34 tank monuments aren’t rare in the former Eastern Bloc, and of course, Estonia got its share. This is the short story behind one of them, the T-34 monument at Siivertsi, in eastern Estonia.

The site in Siivertsi is former know to house another monument over the regiments Preobraženski and Semjonovski who fought under the command of Peter I in The Battle of Narva at 19th of July of 1700. The original monument was almost wiped out in the hard battles in 1944 when the Red Army managed to cross the Narva river under heavy fire from SS battlegroup Thöny.t34-siivertsi-narva-estonia-2

In the year 1956, the Soviet authorities wished to re-build the monument and they also did. But in the same time, they also build one more monument – A real classic Soviet victory monument, the famous T-34/85 tank.

The construction of the new monument was planned in 1956, and the tank, they got from the bottom of the Narva River. The T-34 that still stands here today went through the ice in February 1944 and the crew also died on the spot. It was salvaged in the 1960s and placed on the stone ground close to the old monumentt34-siivertsi-narva-estonia-3

The spot is today a popular wedding couple in the region, and therefore, you often can see festoons and flowers at the cannon tower.