The town Police in Northwestern Poland is really boring if you compare to nearby cities. But what to see here and why is it boring? Read on!


Some grocery stores in Police.

West Pomeranian in Poland is a real pearl during the summer months. Historical city centers and wonderful beaches at the Baltic Sea attracts thousands of tourists every year. Szczecin is the main city in the area and is located only 15 km away and I thought that Police would be great to stay in for easy day trips to Szczecin. Also, the evenings could be spent in Police and one day with city walking. But I was wrong…


Hotel Dobosz.

Hotel Dobosz is the biggest hotel in Police and still got the true feeling of Soviet Union. On the maps, it looks like walking distance to the city center of Police and “all” the historical sights. That is maybe true but it depends on if you are ready to run over the railroad tracks and high grass. Otherwise, you can choose the bridge over the railway and find the way much longer to the non-existing city center.


Watch out for the trains if you take the shortcut.

I was quite surprised that a city of the size of almost 34.000 inhabitants (where are they?), didn’t have any shopping street with cafés, restaurants, and shops. It just resulted in endless walking to see the few historical sights that are offered. The river Oder actually flows almost through the city, but no intentions are made to do anything nice with this opportunity. Instead are the beaches of the Oder occupied with old factories, wrecks and high grass and trees. I’ve heard about a marina somewhere, maybe you find it.

Historical sights of Police

Police is an old city and was earlier under German rule with the name Pölitz. The first settlement in Police is dated back to the year 1243.


War shelter from the second world war.

But today, the most famous sights could be counted on one hand. There are some churches, a war shelter from the war, the library building (the picture on the top) and what I think are the best; The Police Lapidary and the remainings of the WW2 synthetic petrol power plant.


The Police Lapidary.

The Police Lapidary is an area in a park, where different abandoned German gravestones have been collected in a pretty atmospheric way that catches the town’s historical past.

Get out from Police

It’s easy to go to Szczecin by public transport. Police share the public transport system with Szczecin and the ride is therefore hassle-free.


The railway station in Police.

Driving to Szczecin from Police is even easier. But driving the 15 kilometers takes more time then you think. The road between the two cities is old and small and traffic congestions are common.


The road to Szczecin.

How much time to see Police?

1-2 hours are enough. I think the city is over-rated. It might not be the most boring city in Poland, but the historical approach is not really applicable. Also, the city center is totally dead in the evenings.