Did you know there are several triumphal arcs? A triumphal arch is built to triumph something. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris was built to honor the army and victory of Austerlitz, while the triumphal arch of Moldova’s capital came to honor the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire (Russian-Turkish War).


In the background, the Birth Cathedral.

As central as you can get in Chişinău, stands this bow,  reminds about France. Opposite the government building stands this arc and has been there since 1841. Or at least, the foundation has existed.Triumphal-Arch-chisinau-3
From the beginning, a giant watch with a weight of 6400 kg was planned in the arch, but the clock was melted down and instead used for the cannon production of the Russian army.Triumphal-Arch-chisinau-4

In 2011, they had finally got the clock in place. The time had from the start been too big, so they had to redesign the second floor of the arc. Now, however, it is there, complete and is an obvious meeting place for the inhabitants of Chişinău.Triumphal-Arch-chisinau-5

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