The Wilderness Road (Vildmarksvägen), one of Sweden’s most spectacular roads. It rises high on the bare mountains between Vilhelmina and Strömsund – through Sweden’s most bear densely populated area.


Trappstegsforsen (eng. “step rapids”)

Although the wilderness road is a tourist attraction, there is never any congestion. In the area of road stretching, less than one person lives per square kilometer.

The advantage of the wilderness road is the simplicity to get really close to nature even for those who lack experience in hiking. The roads on the bare mountain are in good condition, which is based on the fact that a mine was previously active in the village Stekenjokk.



If you make a detour from the main road you can expect gravel roads, but these are also in a surprisingly good condition.

If you choose to start from Strömsund or Vilhelmina does not matter, but most people choose to start the trip in Vilhelmina. It is important to fill up with gas before since it is a long distance between the gas stations.Wilderness-Road-In-Northern-Sweden-4

Wildlife is very extensive. There is plenty of moose, lynx, wolf, mountain fox and eagle. Of course, there are also lots of reindeer.Wilderness-Road-In-Northern-Sweden-5

One of the biggest attractions along the way is Hällingsåfallet. It is 43 meters high. The water lands in Europe’s longest water-filled canyon.

It is easy to get a taste of Sami culture. Sami crafts are sold in every village along the way.Wilderness-Road-In-Northern-Sweden-6

Expect to spend three days experiencing the wilderness road. When I drive the route, I usually stay on the side of the road and arrange a sleeping place in the car. It’s a magical sight a summer night when the sun is barely hitting the horizon and wildlife literally sprinkles.

In 24 hours you will be allowed to camp in the same place. There are also places and campsites (eg in Klimpfjäll) by the way.Wilderness-Road-In-Northern-Sweden-7

Total distance for wilderness road is 311 km, of which almost 100 km are on the mountain height. The road is closed from October to late spring due to the amount of snow.northern-sweden-in-summer-5

The pictures in this article are taken in July, so get dressed hot even though it’s summer 🙂