Tomorrowland Belgium, the largest festival of electronic dance music. Belgium is invaded annually by the dance-hungry music lovers from all over the world.


Tomorrowland has a clear fairytale theme.

Tomorrowland has beaten attendance records every year. In 2014, the festival had been extended by one week, which made it possible to release 360,000 tickets. These were sold out in an hour.

With the amazing amount of tickets sold, the organizer must have done everything right. In fact, Tomorrowland has not done any advertising, either on TV or radio. Instead, they rely on visitors telling their friends about what a great festival it has been – and so far it’s worked.


The smallest stages can be crowded.

The 2015 edition broke all records despite the fact that in 2014 there were over 400 artists playing music.


Despite all the visitors, there are opportunities for recreation. got the chance to talk with the Swede Gunnar J, 26, who’s looking forward to this year’s Tomorrowland.

Hello Gunnar and thank you for taking part in this interview! Is it your first time visiting Tomorrowland?

– No, damn it. Have been there every year since 2010.

How do you travel to the festival?

– Global Journey, which is the official agency reserve an aircraft for Swedish Tomorrowland visitors. It takes off from Bromma airport in Stockholm and landing in Brussels. In Brussels, shuttles take you to the festival site in the Belgian town of Boom. Everything is pre-paid and clear via the Internet.

Who turns Tomorrowland to in the first place?

– Everyone over 18 years who like EDM. The average age might be 20-30 years, but also 50+ get there.

How much money do you expect that you spend a day in Tomorrowland?

– If you’re only in the area, say 50-100 euros a day. If you want to get away cheaper you can bring food in cans from outside, like ravioli.

Can I stay reasonably fresh during the festival?

– Yes, despite all the visitors it is surprisingly well organized with facilities and food. Portable toilets are rather fresh. They are flushed regularly with a pressure washer.

Several hundred of thousand visitors are expected. Will it be crowded at the entrance?

– No. It runs smoothly. Before you go they have sent a bracelet home by mail, which you then activate on the Internet and just go straight in.

As mentioned before, Tomorrowland is all about electronic music. But what if a DJ forgets his USB stick. Will the concert be canceled?

-Haha, No, they probably have a backup in the cloud.

Which artists are you most looking forward to?

Dimitr Vegas & Like Mike, Krewella, Ummet Ozcan, Axwell/Ingrosso, Avicii.

What do the people look like on the way home?

– They look strained and tired, but very happy and satisfied.

Some final tips for first-time visitors?

– Drink plenty of water. Tomorrowland-belgium-5

Where is Tomorrowland?

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