Toruń is a sprawling Polish medieval-looking city, that can’t be missed on your journey through Poland. What can be found here?

torun-poland-2Toruń with its 203 000 inhabitants (and 40.000 of them are students) was during the Middle Age one of the most important cities in Poland and received city rights in the year 1233.  Toruń was a lively trade center and a part of the Hanseatic League. Sometimes it has been called “Krakow of the North”.


The famous landmark, the town hall.

What’s makes Toruń so special?

Why hordes of tourists coming here and why there are 140 restaurants?


Prices are acceptable.

The answer is related to the unique Gotic architecture in the city center combined with the unique, well preserved historical monuments in Poland. The old town is divided into three parts: Old City from 1233, New City from 1264, and the Teutonic Knights Castle from the middle of the 13th century, and they are of course put on the UNESCO World Heritage list. And what’s most important for the city’s pride of today is that not a single part of Toruń was destroyed during the Second World War, which unlucky happened with so many other important cities in Poland.torun-poland-5

So we are happy to have this pearl at the banks of the river Wisla in its original condition.torun-poland-7

Main sights in Toruń

The main attractions in Toruń are mostly dated to the Middle Ages. When arriving at Toruń you will first see the old city defense wall surrounding parts of the old districts. There are a few city gates and watchtowers left. Behind the walls starts a medieval city layout with Gotic buildings built by bricks.torun-poland-6

There are three churches that are extra outstanding: The Cathedral of SS. John the Evangelist and John the Baptist, St. Mary’s church, and St.James’s church.torun-poland-10

Another must is the town hall from 1274 (but rebuilt several times after).

The town’s celebrity, Nicolaus Copernicus, was born in a Gothic house from the 15th century which now is a museum.torun-poland-9

Museums are no shortage of. What about a gingerbread museum for example? Everything from toys to military museums is represented which I find impressive for a city of this size.torun-poland-8

Walking routes, monuments, crowded squares, all are represented in Toruń. That makes it one of my favorite cities in Poland.