Once again in Poland. A country with a dramatic history that has left its traces, even on the most beautiful sandy beaches. Here are old bunkers with remains of guns with devastating firepower.

polands-beaches-2The northwestern Polish resort Utska is characterized by beautifully renovated facades, and here go the tourists for swimming and relaxing. What everyone doesn’t know is the extensive militarization that has characterized the region for over 100 years.polands-beaches-3

Already during the First World War had Utska strategic importance. Before and during World War II was an extensive railway traffic and transits. During the Cold War consolidated the Soviet defensive positions on the beaches and dense forests of the beautiful shoreline.


Remaining as a witness stand barbed wire fences and telephone poles.

Still, the Polish Navy has a tight grip on the area and use it as a training ground and airport.polands-beaches-5

But, with a little walking tour, you can reach the abandoned military objects …


A lonely watchtower.


What was on the other side? Actually, not much was found after some effort.

Adolf Hitler’s training ground

In 1935-1939, this was Hitler’s secret training ground. At this place, the German military made test firings with the giant cannon “Dora”. The gun barrel was 80 cm. Dora could hit targets 40 kilometers away but was a pain to install. With a weight of 1350 tons, three railway tracks and a crane of 110 tons were required.


The circle shows the huge gun cannon. However, only two pieces were produced.

The traces of this is the forms of stone circles on the ground where the steel plates for the base construction were placed.polands-beaches-9