Visit the unknown country of Transnistria? Now it’s time. Don’t skip your interest in traveling during the restrictions and meanwhile support highly qualified tour guides from starving! Take part in an amazing live-streamed virtual tour together with other tourists.

Transnistria virtual #roamfromhome live stream tour announcement

Do you fancy Soviet brutal places like Chernobyl? Take a chance and discover Transnistria, the country that doesn’t exist! Beautiful cityscapes and atmospheric lost places from the USSR era will satisfy any lover of post-apocalyptic movies or Tarkovsky cinematography. It’s like Pripyat before 1986 and after, all-in-one, low-cost and without crowds of people. No more spoilers, let’s leave everything for the tour itself, all curious history and peculiarities of survival in the unrecognized country.

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But now I start a virtual #roamfromhome live stream tour, it is a teaser, a sneak peek, it can’t take place of real travel, but it is a lifeboat for my family and I made it as close to live tour as possible. Here is an idea – 2 hours – first part for famous sights and hidden gems, the second part will be urbex, abandoned locations. I will talk about things we see on the way and whatever comes to mind, and most important, text me, or send me voice messages what are you more curious about, I will switch to that subject. There will be some virus talk too, I guess, my country is shut for quarantine.

How to watch? Livestream platform in your internet browser, “Patreon” style website, you may use the browser of your notebook, phone, smart TV. There will be a visible chat on the right side of the window, you may use it or send your comments and questions directly to my WhatsApp. Coordinate system – recorded video, live stream voice. Not a selfie video like in this announcement, you will see everything from my point of view, from my eyes, this is a way to feel it more impressive, video quality is better this way too. I was doing long takes. The first tours will be 10€ It is not a big deal, right? Send me a message to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or e-mail to tune in, I will send you website address to watch. There will be a separate link for every new stream. No PayPal – it is available to book on TripAdvisor 🛠

My country survived the war, now it’s a new ordeal, I know that I need to compete with youtube, movies, porn, but I won’t back down))

❗️Next live stream online tour dates:
16 April Thursday 8pm London time (GMT +1)
20 April Monday 8pm London time (GMT+1)

Always a small company just like my real tours, 5-7 people max so I could answer each question. Send a direct message to join, I will show jaw-down things I never showed on tours before.

☎️ (viber whatsapp) +373-778-05004
TripAdvisor: Anton Dendemarchenko