To travel by boat between the two capitals Vienna and Bratislava is simple. Actually the easiest way of transport and also the most beautiful. Follow the route on the Danube between Bratislava and Vienna.


Along the quay, in Bratislava, several shipping companies are represented.

Austrian capital Vienna and the Slovak capital Bratislava are very close to each other, only about 80 kilometers. It is perfect for a day trip in any direction. Bus companies pushing prices hard, which means one ticket costs around 8 euros. It is cheap, but also the journey itself can be an experience – by boat on the Danube.boat-bratislava-vienna-3

A return ticket between the capitals costs around 28 euros and a one-way ticket 19 euros. The journey takes 75-90 minutes. Bicycles and dogs are welcome to take along.boat-bratislava-vienna-4

In Bratislava, the boats depart from Osobný Pristav, Fajnorovo Nábrežie, which is about 3 minutes walk from the Old Town.


From Bratislava, it goes fast.

In Vienna, the boats depart from the dock between Marienbrücke and Schwedenbrücke, which is also very central (use metro line U1).


Beautiful villages.

During the tour beaches, innovative beach houses, the old medieval castles Hrad Devin and the monument “Freedom Gate” are seen. Lively boat traffic is also a hallmark of the Danube.


Summer cottage protected from flooding.

It is difficult to recommend any particular shipping line. Simply go down to the harbor and purchase a ticket at the boat that looks best. Most boats are air-conditioned with restaurant (cafeteria) and bar.


Finally, we reach the center of Vienna.