Now it’s time for a Polish beer tips. This is one of the most popular beers in Poland dates back to the 1600s and Austria.

Tyskie is a light beer brewed by the Tyskie brewery (Tyskie Browary Książęce). Although Tyskie is regarded as a Polish beer but long disputed that if the beer is Polish or Austrian. The place Tychy, where the beer was brewed in the 1600s belonged to Austria, in Upper Silesia during that time.

Anyway, this is a beer you should check out in front of Zywiec, which most resembles a moderately light beer, but the advertising is everywhere.

Tyskie is nonetheless the most common beer in Poland with a market share of 18 percent and exported to many other countries. In Sweden, there is now the Polish gold available at Systembolaget.

Variants of Tyskie

The two most common variants of Tyskie is Gronie of 5.6% and Książęce of 5.7%. Tyskie has retained its traditional logo on the label derived from the year 1629th.

To experience the history of Poland is, therefore, best with a cold Tyskie in the hand.

Common bundling is 50 cl cans and costs about 50-70 euro cents in Polish supermarkets.

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