In Hungary have statues that survived the wrath of the people, received a special burial site. This is a visit to the place for unwanted statues in Budapest.

memento-park-budapest-hungary-2We are a short distance away from the center at a place called Szoborpark (Statue Park). Here the “saved” statues from the communist era have a sanctuary. More or less beautiful creations can now rest until they are gone.


Only Stalin’s boots are left.

Stalin’s boots

One statue only has the ankles left. This one is called “Stalin’s boots”. The statue of Stalin was sawed off at the ankles and is the only thing left from the earlier huge statue. Some claim that the boot-statue is a replica of how the statue looked like in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution attempt.



Every statue that survived the era of communism

Here in Memento Park, as the area is called, every statue that survived the era of communism have been placed. This era lasted from 1949 to 1989. A total number of statues and monuments is 42 pieces in different sizes.


Workers parade without end”, is the approximate translation of the monument’s name.

Memento Park is open every day from 10:00 am until the sun goes down.


Size comparison.

Admission to the park costs about 5 euros. Memento Park is easiest to reach by bus.