A larger proportion than ever of the world’s population today lives in cities and urban areas. Survival in the urban environment is becoming increasingly important to master when crises occur. Here are some tips about urban survival.

Survival courses usually focus on surviving in the wilderness. The difference between nature and city is the availability of equipment. In nature, it is enough to know what is available, but in a city, the supply may vary and require an inventiveness depending on the situation.

This is a shorter text on urban survival, but if you want to read more, I recommend the article “Survive as homeless” as previously published.

In a city in crisis, all become predators. It is a constant struggle for resources. Everyone does not have the strength to fight, but some may instead find alternative solutions.

Find a place to sleep in cities

If you do not have space in tent camps, shelters or similar, there are less pleasant places to choose from.

A mattress is best obtained through cardboard corrugated boxes. A safe way to find them are in the back of food stores. Take at least 3-4 pieces. After the first night, the back will protest, but coming nights will go better. The corrugated board also insulates against cold.

Abandoned houses may be popular among other homeless people, but if you are lucky enough to find one, put your sleeping area on the second floor. That way, you are not bothered by mosquitoes to the same extent.

Many people have a tent in the basement. Is there a need to remain in the city, raise the tent on municipal land rather than private. Evicting someone is currently a lengthy process, so you have time to spend many nights on the site before it is time to move.

Do not camp on lawns. Instead, choose places where you do not think anyone is camping. Protect yourself by raise the tent on a hill, among rocks or bushes.

Do not get wet

Moisture is your worst enemy. Two sack bags help you in the fight against it. If you have two bags in the gasket, it’s good. Otherwise, empty the sack bags you find on its contents.

Black garbage bags are also always available where people usually leave back cans. Wash them in warm water to remove the draft from poured soda and beer. Larger food stores always have a customer toilet.

How to use the garbage bags:

Sack 1: Cut the bottom, cut it as a skirt over the legs and fasten around the waist.

Sack 2: Cut a hole in the middle of the bottom and one in each long side at the corner that forms the bottom. Now run the head through the first hole, the arms through the other.

You are now quite protected from moisture from outside. Remember to wipe out moisture that is formed from your body, otherwise, you will be wet anyway.

Protect yourself from cold

I have previously written about methods to avoid freezing. As mentioned earlier, corrugated board is good as insulation material.

In cities, there is rarely bark to make a fire. However, what works really well is the modern wine corks. A wine cork can burn for 5-6 minutes and it is usually enough to light a fire. Even, a so-called silver tape is good.