This is how to buy a ticket for public transport in Germany, It’s simple!

  1. You buy the tickets in a vending machine or ticket office at the station. Deutsche Bahn ticket machines are red and clearly visible. You can also buy tickets at kiosks.
  2. The ticket you get is paper made. Most major cities are divided into zones (also called rings) that determines how much it costs. If you are very unsure of how to go, you can, therefore, buy a ticket valid for all zones.
  3. You now have a ticket that isn’t valid yet. Valid it will be first when you stamp it. At subway, you stamp it at the entrance (instead of barriers in Sweden). In bus and trams, a box to insert the ticket in is located where you board.
  4. Once the ticket has been stamped in the yellow or red box, it has a time stamp. Then it is valid as long as you have paid for. If you purchased a ticket for 24 hours, time starts only when it has received timestamp.
  5. Travelling without a stamped ticket is counted as traveling without a valid ticket and may result in a fine.

In the picture, the ticket stamp at the top, where it says where and when it was branded.


Deutsche Bahn ticket machine