In Bratislava, as in other former Soviet states, there is a prominent monument to the victory of the Second World War. In Bratislava, the monument “Slavin” dominates the city’s silhouette and nearly 7000 Soviet soldiers are buried here.


Mass graves

Most soldiers buried here felt in the offensive against Bratislava in April 1945. Their bodies are divided into six mass graves and 278 individual graves.

The Slavin monument is located at the highest point of the city, in the middle of Bratislava’s most prosperous villa area. Several countries’ embassies are also neighbors.Slavin-Bratislava-3

The monument took three years to build and was completed in 1960. It is built in Stalinist architecture, just like the cultural palace built during the same decade.Slavin-Bratislava-4

To be a Soviet war monument it is relatively ornate. Several insights and symbolism are available.


Amazing view over Bratislava!

A great view of Bratislava

The reason that Slavin still is a popular place is the amazing view of the capital. Many residents walk here on weekends, to watch the views and also the other statues that are nearby.Slavin-Bratislava-6

When Bratislva became Soviet

Bratislava officially fell into Soviet hands on 4 April 1945. That is why this date is celebrated in Bratislava.Slavin-Bratislava-7

In 2005, Slavin was visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is one of the more well-kept war memorials and well worth a visit if you travel to Slovakia’s capital.Slavin-Bratislava-8