Walhalla is a powerful construction on a hillside on the Danube river not far from Regensburg. Here the most influential German-speaking people (incl. Dutch) have until the mid-1800s gathered in a marble-clad hall.
Walhalla-regensburg-2Walhalla was opened in 1841, and here it is everything marbled. But of course, all of its immortal inhabitants are big kings, rulers, and composers next to each other. Everything breathes perfection.Walhalla-regensburg-3
The whole design has inspiration from the Parthenon in Athens. At the opening, there were 96 busts and statues.Walhalla-regensburg-4
These have been increased by 34, including Albert Einstein. A total of 2000 years is covered.Walhalla-regensburg-5

Lighting inside the building is completely natural. The light is reflected in bronze tiles in the ceiling, which contributes to a very beautiful atmosphere.


Adorable view.

The basic requirement for a bust in Walhalla is to be dead for at least 20 years. This was decided in 1912.