In the Latvian city of Saldus lies one of the largest German soldiers cemeteries outside of Germany. It’s also the largest war cemetery in the Baltic States. There are almost 25,000 German soldiers, mostly from World War II.
saldus-war-cemetary-2The cemetery has space for 30,000 graves, which means it’s soon full. New bodies are constantly found in fields and in forests.saldus-war-cemetary-3

Most died under what is known as the “Kurland slaughter”, where 50,000 Latvian and German soldiers were sent to an offensive against 400,000 Soviet soldiers in five attacks.saldus-war-cemetary-4

Saldus was called Frauenberg until the end of World War II and in 1701 there was a castle that was seated by the Swedish king Karl XII.saldus-war-cemetary-5

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