Lenin was one of the most depicted people behind the iron curtain. Most major cities had a bust or statue of the man who started the bloody Russian Revolution. The city of Narva in Estonia is no exception. What does Lenin actually point to?


A classic look of this Lenin statue.

Officially, Joseph Stalin was appointed Vladimir Lenin’s political heir, but between them, there were several serious conflicts. In an orchestrated era, the revolutionaries of the working class would be measured as united. Until Stalin’s death in the 1950s, tributes were made to Lenin on lots of public places.

The city located furthest east of present Europe, Narva, was no exception.

In 1957, a classic Lenin statue was built on Narva’s main square. The sculptor was the famous Estonian Olav Männi, but despite that, the symbols of the Soviet dictatorship did not impress the people.lenin-statue-narva-3

As soon as Estonia was seriously distanced from the Soviet Union, which was in 1993, Lenin was moved to a corner of the ancient fortress of Hermann on the Narva River.

What is Lenin now aiming for?

Lenin points to his hometown St. Petersburg, former Leningrad. About 150 kilometers is the distance from Narva to St. Petersburg.lenin-statue-narva-4