The Berlin Wall is not completely gone. What remains of the Berlin Wall today? Follow me to Hötensleben.

berlin-wall-2It is over 25 years since the Iron Curtain that divided Eastern and Western Europe fell. It has been celebrated with pomp and circumstance. Most of the Berlin Wall today can only be seen again in shapes like a museum. However, there are a few places where time stands still. The Berlin Wall stands here, today!


Authentic guard towers.

We are in the small, sleepy community Hötensleben west of Berlin. When you are in the center, it is hard to believe that a few hundred meters to the west were one of the world’s most guarded borders.

Today there are about 3700 people living in Hötensleben. On this place is the Berlin Wall, outposts and watchtowers completely preserved with discrete information signs. 6.5 hectares are available for anyone interested in exciting history.


The so-called Death Strip.

Hötensleben got the feel of the cold war tensions in 1952. It was the first time that Hötensleben was sealed off.

The so-called death strip. It would be up to the 1989 Eastern and Western powers suspiciously regarded each other. It was important to stay out murområdet, then it until 1983 was undermined and the self-timed machine guns were

The so-called death strip. Until 1989 saw East and West suspiciously at each other across the border. It was important to stay out of the area around the wall, where it until 1983 was undermined and self-timed machine guns were mounted.

Actually, it is wrong to call the preserved part of Hötensleben the Berlin Wall, when the wall here was counted as the internal East German

The crossing ended up slightly overshadowed by Helmstedt / Marienborn about 10 kilometers to the south, which was the lifeblood of traffic between West Berlin and West Germany. However, the two border crossings had the same extensive coverage.

At the time 07:50, November 19, 1989, the border was opened.

berlin-wall-7Finally, neighbors got to see each other again. Residents who were considered unreliable were displaced. Now they had a chance to move back.