Exploring abandoned places is a hobby that involves documenting abandoned places (so-called urban exploration). Much time is spent on finding these sites and get in without doing any damage. To prevent vandals please do not mention the places names.

What should you consider before exploring abandoned places? And how to behave on the site?
Both Sweden and Europe have a vast and rich history that often manifests itself in everyday life without anybody even noticing it. The interest in the forgotten, abandoned and derelict becoming more popular. Industries, residential buildings, and hospitals are among the most common places.

This page portrays many experiences from urban exploration. If you are a beginner and want to visit an object, here are some general tips.
Please have company. Abandoned places can have ceilings falling in, rotting floors and holes in the ground. The dangers are endless and four eyes are better than two. In addition, you have someone who can pull you up in case misfortune strikes.

What you should consider before exploring abandoned places:

  • Limit the number of participants. Large groups risk attracting unnecessary glances. A group of 2-3 people I consider to be most optimal.
  • Show kindness to locals. Do not sneak around in the bushes at an abandoned building. Do you see a neighbor to the object, go back and talk? Tell him or her what purpose you are there for. The local residents often have a poor experience of visitors in the form of vandals. A chat with the neighbors may result in interesting stories and when they understand that you are primarily there to photograph they will not call the cops.
  • Do not break anything. Let the place be like it was as a gift to other explorers. Don’t break your way in. A little flexibility can usually get you into the most abandoned places without destroying anything.
  • Equipment: Good to have gear is a headlamp, good shoes, water, photo equipment, first aid.
  • Read on before. It will be much more enjoyable to visit something you know the story behind.
  • Tell about the place only for trusted persons.
    Rumors spread otherwise it quickly, and then it does not take long before the vandals will come.

Good luck with your urban exploration!

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