A question that has for a time been discussed is where Europe’s geographical center really is. Here is the answer for “where is the center of Europe”?

To decide where Europe’s center has not been easy. It is certainly not Brussels anyway.center-of-europe-3

The reason is that different opinions about how large Europe really is. For example, one can expect that Russia up to the Ural Mountains and is a part of Europe. Some others argue that Russia isn’t a part of Europe. Is it true that 3% of Turkey belongs Europe, and so on? We also need to calculate if islands such as Canaries Islands should be counted. With these parameters, the answer may differ depending on who you ask.

In this post, we will focus on what the European Union regards as Europe’s geographical center. That definition was decided by French researchers in 1989.

The site is located just outside the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, in a village called Purnuškės. In the context of Lithuania’s entry into the EU, this monument was built on the site.

The location of Europe’s geographical center has the coordinates 54 ° 54’N 25 ° 19’E. The monument in the picture above was opened in 2004 and is created by Gediminas Jokūbonis and is made of white granite.center-of-europe-2

This place is the only one of all the candidates that are printed in the Guinness Book of Records, entitled “Europe’s geographical center.”

If you should visit the monument it’s easily accessible as the map below shows. There are nice walking trails and is located in beautiful surroundings next to the golf course “Europos Centro Golfo Klubas”.

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