Why does Munich have an abandoned train station? Munich is considered to have one of the world’s best public transportation. But don’t count on this one.

The Olympic Park in Munich is one of the city’s most visited areas for tourists. Here are all the buildings in good condition, but next to the Olympic Village is the area’s disgrace.Abandoned-Train-Station-in-Munich-2

Ready for the Olympic games in Munich

To understand why they built this station, we must go back to the 1960s. Munich was the candidate for the Summer Olympics, and to organize an event of this size the city needed a transport of the same dimensions. In 1966 it was decided that the Munich subway would be built, a thought that had already been presented in 1928.

An extensive excavation work started. The deadline was 1972. If it wasn’t done until the opening night of the Olympics, it had become a big failure.

S-Bahn (and U-Bahn) and its stations were built at a furious pace. The area for the Olympics would be covered by the four stations, including this station the article is about. It got the name Olympiastadion. The station, that now is abandoned was the end of line S8. It was completed May 28, 1972. Fully finished with public transport was it only 10 days before the start of the Olympics.Abandoned-Train-Station-in-Munich-3

When the station was in use, there were four tracks for arriving and departure. None of these tracks crossed the center of Munich, hence the occupation of the trains quickly decreased after the Olympics ended.

Two of the tracks ended at the station while the other two continued north. Station Olympiastadion was later disconnected from regular service and instead served at major public events. The trains went only in one direction.

The abandoned train station

Station Olympic Stadium was officially temporary closed May 8, 1988. It was discussed what to do with this station, and one proposal was to connect the rail with Munich Airport. but the cost was too high, and in 2003 they dug up the tracks.