In the Balkans dramatic history, there are many important years to keep track of. However, it was a year that was written everywhere in Montenegro’s capital Podgorica, which I did not understand until now.

On the first day, I walked the streets of the Montenegrin capital Podgorica, I wondered why I saw the year “1987” almost everywhere on the gray concrete. My first idea was that it must be something with independence or some other historic event but I was totally wrong.

I made a quick effort to google it, but no adequate results where shown och nothing special seemed to had happened in 1987 in Podgorica.

I did some more research and asked a Montenegrin friend and everything came clear. Montenegro may not be famous for soccer teams, but the one in Podgorica is well loved.


One main street in central Podgorica.

The barbarians

1987 was the year when the support group “Varvari” for FK Budućnost Podgorica was founded. Varvari which means barbarians is the most organized fan group in Montenegrin sports and also the largest. Vavari can be found on the northern stand av the Podgorica city stadium and are very active supporters and have been involved in some violent clashes on the stadiums.

Montenegro has a lack of soccer fields due to the terrain with mountains almost everywhere. Only 15 percent of the country is plain. Except for soccer, water polo is a successful part of sports in Montenegro.