In Romania’s capital Bucharest, you will encounter wild street dogs. If you are scared of dogs it may be problematic because you will surely meet the dogs on the streets. Here’s the thing when it comes to wild street dogs in Bucharest.

street-dogs-bucharest-3Few cities in the world have as many stray dogs as Romanian cities. Only in Bucharest in 2011 there were 40,000 to 100,000 street dogs.

In late 2011, a major killing campaign started. This resulted in today’s estimated number of 10,000 street dogs in Bucharest.

Why so many stray dogs in Romania?

The problem of street dogs began in the 1980s due to dictator Nicolae Ceausescu catastrophic housing policy.

In 1982 visited Nicolae Ceausescu the grand North Korean capital of Pyongyang, and it ended up with a grandiose building plan for the Romanian capital. During the 1980s, Romania would also get rid of the national debt, which triggered a massively forced industrialization.street-dogs-bucharest-4

People were forced to move from the countryside to the cities. Scores of cramped apartments in large building complexes were built, and the families who lived quite freely in the countryside were now suddenly overcrowded.

In the overcrowded apartments, the dogs were the first who had to make way. They ran into the streets and became feral. They lived off scraps in rubbish bins and could multiply uncontrollably. Diseases spread easily among them, and later this had resulted in an enormous problem.

Street dogs and the situation today

Street Dogs had become a natural element in the street scene and still is today. Inside the center are not as many as before, but at the parks and other green areas, you will surely encounter them.

What you should know:

Never make any rapprochements. Don’t pet them or give food. Some dogs have infections such as rabias.

Usually, the dogs won’t cause any problems. Most of them roam around freely.


A common sight on Bucharest’s smaller streets, but it helps the dogs to survive.

News media have reported about attacks on humans. However, these have not been proven, but it is including a woman who was bitten to death by five guard dogs in the fenced area and a 4-year-old boy who was killed at a construction site in the company of her grandmother. These dogs became “street dogs” in the headlines.

Several organizations, including in Sweden, working with adoptions and accommodation for the dogs that in recent years decreased.