Soon, it will be easier for travelers carrying luggage on Wizzair’s flights. It is a welcome clarification about the many time’s unclear luggage rules surrounding low-cost airlines.

The change, carried out on 29 October 2017, means that a 55x40x23 cm bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg can be carried on board at no additional cost.

With this change, Wizzair only has three types of luggage; hand luggage (as mentioned above), checked-in bag and a small bag in addition to hand luggage (included in Wizz priority).

Until 29 October, the old luggage rules still apply. This means that a bag up to 42 X 32 X 25 CM is included in the ticket, but all over it needs to be charged as “large” hand luggage. The free weight on hand luggage also expires on the specified date.

For those who booked flights before October 29th, but departing later than that date, and paid for “large hand luggage” will get the money back on their Wizz account. In addition, an additional 20% is offered as an “extra bonus” due to the change in the rules.

Example: Have you paid 10 euros for “large hand luggage” you get 10 euros (the fee) + 2 euros (bonus) = 12 euros back.

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