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Welcome to Travel Blog Europe. This is a real and authentic travel blog with all the content from Europe you can imagine or even didn't know existed. Get far away from the touristy paths. Choose the country of your interest below, or scroll down to pick a category of your choice - All about different topics from Europe.

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Before Travel To Poland – Read this

Sharing its borders with seven countries, Poland is a large country situated in Central Europe with a population of approximately 38.5 million, making it the sixth most populous country within the European Union. Due to its size, it has varied geographical features as well as a mixture of large and small cities and towns, all of which...

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I'm glad you found TravelBlogEurope.com! You know, all content on this site is unique and written by me. This travel blog is for you, who want to see more than just sandy beaches and fancy drinks.

Instead, I want that you learn and explore. The continent of Europe is not that developed and uniform as you might think. There are big contrasts. There are thrilling traces from the dramatic past. There are millions of stories to tell. I want to show everything. From museums to well-hidden things deep inside the forests.

You will probably notice I put a lot of attention on Eastern Europe. While Europe is more than London, Paris, and Barcelona, is Eastern Europe often an overlooked part of the continent. I try to change that without telling only positive or negative things - The conclusion of where you want to travel is in the end always yours.

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Tiraspol – The World’s Coolest Capital?

Tiraspol is one of the world’s least-known capital cities. What makes the city unique, however, is that the time has ceased in 1990. In Tiraspol, the Soviet Union still lives and the whole place is like an open-air museum. This is what the capital of Transnistria looks like – 2015.


The Triumphal Arch – Also In Moldova

Did you know there are several triumphal arcs? A triumphal arch is built to triumph something. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris was built to honor the army and victory of Austerlitz, while the triumphal arch of Moldova’s capital came to honor the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire (Russian-Turkish War).


American Tourist Stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes about Americans and of course, even more, when it comes to American tourists. These are some examples of prejudices that people in Europe could have about traveling Americans. And as always, not everyone from the USA is like this…It’s just for fun.