In the Estonian Narva is a beautiful building, which differs from the city’s other gray Soviet architecture. This was a cultural palace, which today is completely abandoned.

abandoned-palace-narva-2The Palace of Culture is named after what the Soviet’s considered, the revolutionary Vasily Gerasimov. Vassili Gerassimov had in 1872 successfully completed a mutiny against the working line on the now Swedish-owned textile factory in Narva district Krenholm. The mutiny was the first of its kind that occurred during the Tsarist era.abandoned-palace-narva-3

What more do we know about the building? The layout inside is inspired by a theater, and the basic idea was that it would serve as a meeting place. In Narva goes Palace of Culture under the name “Gerassimovs clubhouse”.abandoned-palace-narva-4

Outside the Palace of Culture is a park with a bust of Vassili Gerassimov. In the beginning of the 2000s, the palace was bought by investors, who tragically let the building continue to decay.

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