The sex trade at the German-Polish border cross at Schwedt are thriving. Along road no. 26 girls in different ages waiting for customers that pay for sex. How is a regular day for a prostitute at the German-Polish border? I meet Alisja. She told me.

First of all, prostitution is legal in Germany. Many may ask why they sell sex on the Polish side of the border instead of the German side. Exact the same situation appears when you drive to the Czech Republic. Right after the border to the Czech Republic, the girls show up. Both in Poland and Czechia, prostitution is

It’s all about money. Outside Germany, the girls can serve German customers and almost charge the same amount. The risks to get in trouble with the police is pretty low. It’s worth it.

For the day, I have made a trip to Germany to test the performance of my car on the Autobahn. It’s afternoon and I start the drive back to my hotel in Szczecin (Ger: Stettin). I cross the border in the town Schwedt where the river Oder has created a natural border between Germany and Poland.


Schwedt city center.

Where the bridge over the Oder ends, a beautiful country road takes by. There’s a lot of tourists, bicycles, truck drivers and…prostitutes. They standing along every pocket of the road and try to make the car drivers interested. In some cases, they succeed. A short meeting in the forest behind, in the client’s car, or for longer stays, in a caravan some kilometers away, and then the money change owner.

“A regular day as a border hooker”

Down the road, I stop for a coffee. In the gas station, I meet Alisja who’s offers me her services, but instead, talking to people is my kind of pleasure. I tell her that I run a travel blog with unique content from Europe, and asking if she wants to be a part of it. Well, it’s fine with Alisja if I ask her some not too personal questions about her current

So, tell me something about yourself Alisja…

My nickname is Alisja and I’m 26 years old. I sell sex full-time at the German-Polish border. I’m native Bulgarian with some Turkish roots some generations before. I usually fuck older polite german guys and I’m want to obtain a master degree in economics within 10 years. My relatives know that I “work” abroad.

Why did you choose this spot for working?

Before I came here, I worked on the streets in Berlin. But I couldn’t stand it. Berlin is a big city, and a big city has so many weirdos. Sometimes I was asked or forced to do really sick things. To stay in Berlin wasn’t an option for a person with future plans and not a drug addict.

Here, in the countryside, it’s better. More regular customers.

What about the darkness? You stand alone on a road in the forest?

The darkness doesn’t scare me. The girls around here look after each other. Relatively fast they can see or hear if their friend is gone for a too long time. We also have some unofficial security… but I don’t want to talk about them.

How many customers do you serve for a day?

It depends on, maybe 5-10.

What is a regular customer?

A truck driver, or a guy 40-50 years old that have driven away from his hometown in Germany with only one mission.

How much does a “regular” service cost?

50 euros.

Do you like your job?

No, it makes me mentally unstable and I often dream about quitting. I always fell dirty and cheap. I think that my normal relations with people are damaged, but at the first glance, they can’t guess what I’m doing for a living.

Are the other girls working her in the same opinion?

Most of them, yes, but the gypsy girls are more laid back. They have more attitude and can laugh together about how stupid guys can be to pay for what most of the world’s population gets for free. They have trained to not feel the shame that some of our others do. I wish I was more like them. Sometimes at least…

What’s the perfect day on the work?

First, some regular customers and the last one pays more for the company then for sex. A tip is also appreciated. buy-sex-german-polish-border-5

Ok, thank’s to Alisja and I hope not to meet her at this place once again.