For all with interest in Soviet history, the phrase Learn, Learn and Learn isn’t unfamiliar. I have also seen it in a lot of places, especially in schools and abandoned Soviet buildings. But what is it about?

The phrase “learn, learn and learn” belonged to the leader of the socialist revolution in Russia in 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. This phrase was very popular during the existence of the Soviet Union. A poster with this phrase hung in classrooms, in kindergartens, in schools, in universities, and in all places there was education. This was the motto of any Soviet person from infancy to old age. These words were used and are often used now by the Russian people in any situations related to motivation. This can be called the popular wisdom that every Russian knows.

Initially, this phrase was devoted to another topic, Lenin wrote in 1924:

Real heroes stand out among the workers who, despite the ugly situation of their life, despite the stupid hard labor in the factory, find in themselves so much character and willpower to learn, to learn and learn and develop from themselves conscious Social Democrats, the “working intelligentsia. ”

learn-learn-learn-lenin-2It can be noted that “learning” here was not at all the educational character to which we are accustomed. The slogan had already been given by propagandists.

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