Moscow is more than grey Stalinist architecture. In fact, Moscow has some of the highest skyscrapers in Europe and other shining buildings. Let me show you the Moscow International Business Center!

Moscow-International-Business-Center-3On a former stone quarry and scrap yard, modern Moscow now raises towards the sky and represent big business, high development, and large plans. Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) is the name, but many times simply called Moskva-City.

Moskva-City is a business development area in the West central district of Moscow, around 4 kilometers from the Red Square.

The day I went here I was very conscious. I have seen so many pictures from the shining skyscrapers, and how the contrast to the regular Moscow that we are used to, will be shown.Moscow-International-Business-Center-2

There are several possibilities to reach the Moscow International Business Center. I took the metro and the closest stations are Mezhdunarodnya, Delovoy Tsentr (also called Business Center) or Vystavochnaya. The area is planned to handle that 250.000-300.000 people going here to work.

What to do in Moskva-City as a tourist?

If you are interested in architecture you probably already have your own schedule set up. Otherwise, there are exclusive restaurants, Moscow city museum, shopping center, hotels and so on. It’s not that cozy place that other tourist attractions may be. When working hours are over, the district starts to become dead and emptied on people. So if you prefer walking around in the evening, it won’t be crowded.

In an area with skyscrapers, you probably want to visit an observation deck. What I know, there is only one open for the public. It’s located in the Empire Skyscraper and is combined with the Moscow City Museum (both in same admission fee). Entrance fee is 690 RUB. Unfortunately, the observation deck is behind glass windows, but still gives a very good 360 degrees view of Moscow. There is a bar on the same floor, but they don’t serve beer!


The great view from the observation deck.

The tallest buildings in Europe

In the list of top-ten tallest buildings in Europe, buildings in Moscow International Business Center, are represented six times. The (East) Federation Tower is the tallest (on second place), with its 373,7 meters in height.


The East Federation Tower in the middle.