Scandlines Border Shop in Puttgarden has four floors, 8,000 square meters of wine, spirits, and beer, and look to the exterior of a boat. Follow us on a visit.

puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-1Border shop from outside. In the left corner is the entrance. The picture is taken from the car park.

puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-2No shortage of anything. Bottom right, we see Yeltsin bag-in-box. 3 liters of vodka for 269 Danish kroner.puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-3

Export declarations are now made digital. Therefore, no need to look for the old paper forms at the entrance. On the screen, put in your information. You will also ensure with a signature by your finger on the screen that you bring the goods to a Scandinavian country.puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-4

This is the export declaration, given to the cashier when you pay for avoiding the deposit fee.puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-5

Soon the shopping cart is full.

puttgarden-scandlines-border-shop-6When you are done with the purchases a distance of 500 meters remains to the ferry to Rödby in Denmark.

The address of the Scandlines Border Shop in Puttgarden? After driving off the boat, about 300 meters there’s a sign that is impossible to miss. Turn right and you are almost there.