Aeroseum in Säve, north of Gothenburg, offers you access to the previously top-secret cavern. Here you survive a nuclear attack and may also see large parts of the Swedish military aviation history.

Aeroseum-save-cold-war-aviation-hangar-22Built 1955 with an area of 22,000 square meters, with masked entry into the mountain. This impressive underground hangar earlier belonged to Göta Air Command (F9).Aeroseum-save-cold-war-aviation-hangar-23

The mountain, wide enough for towing aircrafts inside maintains a constant temperature of 18 degrees. After passing through the main gate leads a curved downhill towards the center of the hangar.Aeroseum-save-cold-war-aviation-hangar-24

Why a bent angle of the way down the mountain? It is easier for defense purposes. If enemies get into, there are still opportunities to pursue an effective defense of the mountain hangar with a curve.

Aeroseum amuses not only old military staff. Aeroseum is run by an association and the vision is that all ages will find the place interesting.Aeroseum-save-cold-war-aviation-hangar-25

There are several simulators, various activities for children, including children’s birthday parties. Even if you are not that interested in the history of aviation, its still offers a great view of how life in the underworld could be.


Turn plate for airplanes.

When the hangar was in operation, conscripts of officers were able to get a fighter aircraft with a full tank of fuel in the air in 15 minutes. Impressive!



For an adult, admission costs 10 euros. The address is Säve depå, Holmvägen 100.

Link: Official website