The tracks from World War II can be found in different ways. After some research, I found a secret WW2 bunker of historical value in Latvia.

Some places can be found in museums, others signs are printed in the tourist brochure. Then there are those that are so hidden that hardly locals know them. We have visited the former headquarters of Heeresgruppe (Army Group) North in present Latvia.Former-headquarters-of-Army-Group-North-bunker-2

German army’s on the Eastern Front

During World War II, there were two German army groups who fought on the Eastern Front; Heeresgruppe Nord and Süd (north and south). The original Heeresgruppe North was created right before the invasion of Poland.Former-headquarters-of-Army-Group-North-bunker-3

It’s a sunny evening in July. The day has been devoted to driving on the endless roads that have been a mixture of gravel, asphalt and potholes. Sometimes you have to swerve to horse-drawn carriage.

Former-headquarters-of-Army-Group-North-bunker-4Here, as far east as you can get in Latvia, about 10 kilometers from the Russian border, there must be a bunker. It is not just a regular bunker, but it also served as the headquarters of Army Group North as it was mentioned in the beginning. The information is sketchy, but the nearest town is called Malnava. We have typed that place on the GPS.

After studies of the map, we see that the bunker should be located in a grove of trees. Around Malnava there are several groves of trees, and the locals are taciturn, probably because we do not understand each other.

No secret bunker in sight yet. Time is running out. Before it becomes dark, we need to go to the town of Daugavpils.Former-headquarters-of-Army-Group-North-bunker-5

After a few minutes on a dirt road, a Polish-registered car showing up. In the distance, I see someone picking up a metal detector in the luggage. The hope of finding the headquarters is recovered and I start to talk with the Pole. I explain our purpose and wonder if he knows any old bunker around.

He tells me that an old school was located in the grove, and that is what he looks for with his metal detector. I think he rather searches for artifacts from World War II, which now has a high value on auction pages on the Internet. No need to waste more time on a liar, because I think we have found the right place.Former-headquarters-of-Army-Group-North-bunker-6

Let’s have some mosquito oil, pick up the camera, and then some quick steps into the woods. Immediately we glimpse some anonymous, overgrown concrete blocks. It does not look much to the world. But the fact is in this place it was taken major decisions that would mean life or death for many people.

Visited by Adolf Hitler

The decision was so important that Adolf Hitler visited the site one time in 1941.

Is it possible to find any way in? According to rumors, it should be an extensive system of tunnels under the ground.

The WW2 bunker is found and we are happy. Obviously, it would have been funnier if any equipment has remained and the opportunity to explore the entire facility. Maybe next time!