In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is in the city center a house where the horror previously lived. This infamous house was until 1991 a place many would rather die than to be locked in into. Welcome to the feared security police house.

The KGB Museum in Vilnius actually consists of several different exhibitions, but the authentic prison is the most famous. There are 19 rooms left to reflect the everyday life of this house.vilnius-kgb-museum-2

The prison had 50 cells from the 1940s but was rebuilt several times as the anti-Soviet resistance shattered ruthlessly. However, this did not happen until the 1960s, but 19 cells left for “enemies to the working paradise” that remained until the 1991 collapse.vilnius-kgb-museum-3

The uniqueness of this museum is the preserved environment just as it was in August 1991 when the house was left in a hurry. Here you can visit the guard room, shower room, soundproofed torture cell and the restroom.vilnius-kgb-museum-4

In the basement, there was also the execution chamber. It is honored preserved and under a lighted glass floor, there are shoes, buttons and other belongings found in the backyard where the bodies were then dumped.vilnius-kgb-museum-6

The basement of this house is, of course, the most interesting, but on the other floors, there are exhibitions including the German occupation of Lithuania and the partisan war against the Soviet Union that took place in the forests well into the 1950s.

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